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Transform Your Business Digitally
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We begin with understanding your business goals, target locations and audiences. This helps determine the right strategies.

  • The content should be clear, concise and easy to understand for international viewers. Use simple grammar and avoid jargon or slang.
  • Highlight property listings with clear photos, descriptions of features/amenities, pricing info and contact details. International clients will appreciate all details being spelled out.
  • Provide general information about the local real estate market - trends, average home values, popular neighborhoods, etc. This gives overseas buyers helpful context.
  • Include pages about the home buying/selling process - how it works legally, tips for international buyers, mortgages/loans, currency info. Break it down step-by-step
  • Add pages about living in the city or region - climate, culture, schools, work opportunities. People want to know what life would be like before relocating.
  • Use Google Translate to automatically translate some pages into other common languages like Spanish, French, Chinese. Not all text needs translation.
  • Optimize the site for search engines by including location keywords throughout. Prospective international clients may search broadly.
  • Consider including a live chat feature so multilingual agents can quickly assist visitors during business hours.